V. Blakeman Qua Scholarship Awards

On June 15, 2022 the Rotary Club of The Heights of Greater Cleveland awarded the V. Blakeman Qua Scholarship Awards to five local high school seniors, at a luncheon at the Shaker Heights Country Club. The meeting was moderated by President Adam Davis, who also presented the Scholarship Awards. The 2022 Scholarship Recipients were: Ayande Joseph from Shaker Heights High School, Francesca Butch from Shaker Heights High School, Paige Colbert from Cleveland Heights High School , James Huff also from Cleveland Heights High School and Alina Roach from Shaker Height High School. The Scholarship Recipients read their Student Essays to the Rotary Club Members.
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Dictionary Project

Posted by Robert T. Ault
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Our 10th Annual Dictionary Project was another big success. During the month of October, 2019  dictionaries were given to every 3rd grader in the five Shaker Heights Elementary Schools and St. Dominic Elementary School. A total of 384 dictionaries  were given out. The dictionaries are greatly appreciated by both the students and the teachers. Several teachers commented, that the new blue cover dictionary, entitled "A Student's Dictionary" that we started giving out last year is especially helpful in the class room.  Many wonderful thank you letters have been received from the students. During the class time students practiced looking up words, like service  which relates to Rotary's Motto of "Service Above Self" and also the word election.  They also explored the maps of the world in the back of the dictionary and information about the 45 United States Presidents and facts about the State of Ohio.
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Fire and Police Awards

Posted by Robert T. Ault on Nov 11, 2019


Members of the Rotary Club of Shaker Heights, friends and colleagues and Honored Guests; David E. Weiss, Mayor of Shaker Heights, Jeri Chaikin, Chief Administrative Officer, Nancy Moore, Chair of Safety and Public Works Committee,  Patrick Sweeney, Fire Chief and Jeffrey N. DeMuth, Chief of Police gathered at Fire Department Station #1 on Chagrin Blvd. at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 to watch Lt. Thomas Narowitz of the Shaker Heights Fire Dept. and Patrol Officer Martin E. Dunn of the Shaker Heights Police Dept. receive special recognition as Firefighter of the Year and Police Officer of the Year respectfully. Rotary Club President Adam Davis presided over the event and Rotarian Sally Baden led the Pledge of Allegiance and Rabbi Lloyd Goldman gave the Invocation. . A delicious hot breakfast was prepared by the Firefighters and enjoyed by all. At this Annual event, Supervisors in both the Fire and Police Departments single out one individual who has provided outstanding service to the Community and beyond to receive the Rotary Club Awards and Plaques. This event is now in its 41st year. 

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V. Blakeman Qua Scholarship Awards

Posted by Robert T. Ault on Jun 04, 2019
On May 29, 2019 the Rotary Club of Shaker Heights awarded the V. Blakeman Qua Scholarship Awards to four local high school seniors, at a luncheon at the Cleveland Skating Club.The meeting was Moderated by President, John Sobotincic and the Invocation was given by Rabbi Lloyd Goldman. Holly Coughlin presented the Scholarship Awards. The 2019 Scholarship Recipients were: Meghan Kessinger from Beaumont School, Sahil Angdembe and Kylie Armstead, both from Cleveland Heights High School and Olivia Chapman from Shaker Heights High School. Paul Qua addressed the Scholarship Recipients.
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Annual Pancake Breakfast 

Posted by Robert T. Ault on Apr 29, 2019
On February 23, 2019  approximately 325 hearty souls enjoyed a delicious Pancake Breakfast with the Birds at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes (NCSL).This was the 12th Annual Pancake Breakfast of the Rotary Club of Shaker Heights. After enjoying blueberry, chocolate chip, plain or gluten free pancakes and sausage, the families could enjoy  a Feathered Friends Bird Show , put on by the Nature Center, our pancake breakfast partner. The proceeds benefit the Rotary Club of Shaker Heights, Community Service Third Grade Dictionary Project and the Nature Center.
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Four-Way Test Speech 

Posted by Robert T. Ault on Apr 07, 2017
The annual Four-Way Test Speech Contest was held on March 22, 2017 at a noon luncheon at the Cleveland Skating Club.
The event was chaired by Robert T. Ault and began with a beautiful Invocation by Rabbi Bud Frankel. There were three contestants from local high schools; Anthony Collier(Shaker),  Christine DeSantis (Beaumont).,and Christos Ioannou (Shaker), . The three contestants are shown in the photograph., along with  Mr. Michael Larsen, English Teacher at Beaumont School(left) and Mr. Bryan Elsaesser, Individuals and Societies Teacher at Shaker Heights High School(in the red shirt). The winner was Christine DeSantis School.  All contestants received an award and the winner moves on to the District competition on April 8, 2017.   
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Meet our Board

Posted by Robert T. Ault
John Sobotincic-President,  Sandy Bendis- Treasurer, Bob Ault -Secretary
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John "Jack" Benish turns 58

Posted by Robert T. Ault

At the District 6630 Conference Of Clubs on Friday April 25, 2014 District Governor Bob Johnson recognized Jack Benish as having been a faithful member or Rotary for the past 58 years. A truly faithful member, as Jack has a perfect attendance record for all of those 58 years. Jack transferred his membership from the Birmingham Michigan Rotary Club to the Shaker Heights Rotary Club effective April 1, 2014. We are delighted to have Jack as a new member in our club.

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Posted by Robert T. Ault on Mar 13, 2014
The Youth Ending Hunger-INTERACT Club at Shaker Heights High School truely demonstrates Rotary's moto of Service Above Self. Throughout the year they envolve over 100 members in numerious community service projects and fund raisers. Monthly they volunteer at the Cleveland Food Bank, the Holy Spirit Soup Kitchen, the Heights Hunger Center, and they prepare a Friday night supper  for the residents at the Hospice of the Western Reserve. On an annual basis they envolve the entire high school in collecting food and raising money for the annual Harvest for Hunger Campaign, they hold a YEH-Interact Spaghetti Dinner fund raiser, do a Hoops for Hunger (student-faculty basket ball game fund raiser) and participate in the APTE Summit @ Ohio State; Relay for Life @ CWRU; Cleveland Marathon; Walk for Hunger and ,of course, are a big help to us with our Pancake Breakfast with the Birds in February. Their faculty advisors are Mr. Bill Scanlon and Mr. Nathaniel Hsu. The 2013-2014 Club Officers are: Phil Turner-President, Peter Weiss-Vice President and Mica Jordan-Secretary. These officers are shown here in this photo with Peter Weiss on the left.



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Four New Members

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On January 8, 2014 four new members from the Shaker Heights City Schools Administration were inducted into membership. The new members are: Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr., Superintendent, Dr. Bernice Stokes. Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Marla J. Robinson, Assistant Superintendent, and Mrs. Christine Auginas, Assistant to the Superintendent. These new members were inducted into membership by District Governor Robert "Bob" Johnson. 

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50 Year Anniversary

Posted by Nina D. Borden
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The Rotary Club of Shaker Heights was chartered in 1960.  We will celebrate our 50th Anniversary on Saturday night, 6 November 2010.
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Hope For Honduran Children

Posted by Nina D. Borden
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We hope to help supply a truck for transportation in this remote village of boys.  We are writing a proposal for funding in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Pictured here is Kevin, a 16 year old who is attending Elvel School. Johanna, who has received a Shaker Rotary scholarship in the past, continues her college education.   The last trip to Honduras was in February.  Karen Godt is co founder of this nonprofit organization and is a member of Shaker Heights Rotary.
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